Java Graphers

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Copyright © 2004 by David Lippman. Uses the JavaView API, Copyright 1999-2004 by Konrad Polthier

Java Applets do not have access to the clipboard. To copy images to the clipboard, you need to run this program on your local machine, outside your webbrowser. You may run this program on your local machine (while not on the internet) by downloading the file JavaView.jar (715K), and one or more of: Grapher.jar (55K) (3d Grapher), Grapher2D.jar (45K) (2d Grapher), or GrapherODE.jar (24K) (ODE Grapher),

Make sure the two files are in the same directory, then double-click on Grapher*.jar. Running the program on your local machine may require a download of a Java Virtual Machine if you do not already have one installed

Please note JavaView.jar is subject to copyright restrictions. Please view the copyright notice from the creators of JavaView. Running the Grapher on your local machine also requires a free registration of JavaView

Source for the graphers (not for JavaView) is available on my Projects Page

Features and Version History

3D Grapher

Added Jan 8, 2006

Added Nov 3, 2005

Original release

2D Grapher

Original release

ODE Grapher

Original release

2D & ODE Graphers last updated: Feb 7, 2005. 3D Grapher last updated: Jan 8, 2006